Thursday, September 10, 2009

Michael Steele for President

Carpetbagger has a post in which RNC clown Michael Steele attacks Obama for disrespecting Ted Kennedy's death by reading a letter that Kennedy had requested be read after his death. And if this came from any other Republican, I'd just stare at the screen in disbelief that anyone could make such a stupid point. But coming from Steele, I can only nod my head in approval and say "touché."

Without a doubt, Michael Steele is my favorite Republican. While crazies like Bachmann and Palin are always good for a laugh, nobody goes straight for the clowning like Michael Steele. I'm not sure if he's ever failed to entertain me. Here's a highlight reel from back in May that the kind folks at Think Progress put together; and mind you, this was before he defended Medicare while attacking it.

No other Republican is as adept as he is at completely faking it while simultaneously believing every word he says. He steps in the dooty the moment it spills from his mouth and then feels compelled to smear it around on his face, just in case you thought he said it by accident. And when forced to backtrack, he refuses to acknowledge that he has changed position in the least; though even a small child could see immediately through his hopeless charade.

And while most Republicans share these traits, none are as hapless in their execution as Steele, who never met a talking point he couldn't accidentally trample into oblivion. Michael Steele is a clown act all the way.

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