Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama Loves Our Enemies

When conservatives are right, they're right.  And when it comes to Barack "Hussein" Obama, they were right.  (And yes, Barry's middle name is important to me now.)  They warned us that Obama would be soft on our enemies and softer on our arch-enemies, and I just wouldn't listen.  And now here we are, needing to confront a nuclear Iran, and what does Obama want to do about it?  He wants to talk about it; without preconditions, no doubt.

From the AP:
"My offer of a serious, meaningful dialogue to resolve this issue remains open," Obama said, urging Tehran to "take action to demonstrate its peaceful intentions."
Meaningful dialogue?  This guy doesn't have a clue!  These are nuclear Arabs we're talking about here, not wayward teens.  The only "meaningful dialogue" we should have with them is the type that can be written on the side of a missile.  Let them have their dialogue from the rubble we leave them in, as we wipe their country off the map!

And sure they have "peaceful intentions."  After all, we're all reminded every day that Islam means peace in some languages.  Unfortunately, it's the sort of peace we can only have once their global caliphate has completed its stranglehold on freedom.  That's why we need to bomb the shit out of them, so we can institute our freedom on them before they can do it to us.  History shows that only democracies can promote peace, and that's exactly what our bombs will do.

So, yeah.  It looks like I'm changing teams at this point.  Sorry, but I just can't deny reality any longer.  Thanks to the brainwashing I've received from the liberal media, I really wanted to stay on-board the Obama Express.  I really did.  After all, I've always felt so guilty about what our forefathers did to his forefathers, and felt giving them the Whitehouse was the right way to atone for our sins.  But I can no longer idly sit by and watch as Obama attempts heartfelt dialogues in his futile effort to love the nukes out of our enemies.  I'm sorry, but you can't hug evil, Mr. President.  You can't hug evil.

Oh, in addition to demanding that the bombs begin to drop on Tehran, I'm also going to pay $30 to have a justice foundation send faxes on my behalf which will finally force Obama to prove his Hawaiian birth.  And if he can't, then he needs to step aside and give McCain his rightful victory.  Oh, and I'm also going to demand to hear the truth about what happened in Chappaquiddick.  Americans have the right to know.  The liberal media might not care, but I do; and I'm now a real American.

Update: I've been informed by a reliable source that I'm an idiot, and I have now rescinded my conservative viewpoints.  Sorry.

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