Friday, September 25, 2009

Bob McDonnell Loves Guns and Unborn Babies

And speaking of Virginia Governor candidate (and Biobrain advertiser) Bob McDonnell, his jobs link wasn't the only place I read.  Oh no, I saw on his issues link that he had a page on "Protecting Families" and just couldn't leave that one alone.  And sure enough, Bob McDonnell does believe in protecting families; just as long as those families consist of fetuses with shotguns.  Everyone else is going to have to wait until he gets this matter resolved.

Here's a brief recap of Bob's page on protecting families.  He starts with a lofty George Washington quote which he lamely summarizes as "values matter."  He quotes Jefferson's "life, liberty, and happiness" line, insists that it applies to the unborn, and vows to defend them against the born.  He says the Founding Fathers wanted us to have guns and vows to defend the 2nd Amendment.  He lets us know that he's "pro-life" (in case we hadn't already guessed) and mentions how he protected unborn babies from partial-birth abortions as Attorney General.  He also did so as a legislator, as well as fought for parental notification, informed consent, and adoption.  Bob defended marriage from the gays.  And finally, he won "Legislator of the Year" twice from the Virginia Family Foundation, as well as receiving an endorsement from the Virginia Society for Human Life.  And that's it.  That's his entire "Protect Families" issue page.

And all this brings up the question: What the hell does this have to do with families?  Seriously, I've had a family for quite a few years now and none of these issues have come up even once.  Hell, I was born in a family and this stuff didn't apply then, either.  And let's not forget something here: McDonnell has clearly established that he wants the government to interfere in the decisions a family makes regarding childbirth, as well as preventing certain folks from having a family.  Oh, and guns.  Can't forget the guns.  And just so it's clear, Bob already has another section labeled 2nd Amendment Rights. So his pro-gun stuff in the family section is just more padding.

And all this shows what a total shame the whole "Family Values" movement was.  It wasn't about values at all.  It was a cheap ploy for scoring political points, and based upon Bob's dearth of info on it, a ploy that has pretty much run its course.  These guys aren't even trying anymore.  These aren't values.  It's all about sticking their noises in other people's business, and everyone seems to realize this by now and they're just going through the motions. 

And so instead, we're stuck with Mr. Virginia Family Foundation tossing out a few nothing tidbits on "values," and then stealing a liberal platform while promoting tax cuts.  And as I said last time, that's why they're stuck attacking us personally with everything they've got.  They call us socialists, so they can use the taxpayer money of the unborn in order to fund their liberal big government agenda.  Oh, and guns.  Gotta protect the guns.  Values matter.

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