Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Political Stunts

One of the big problems in politics is that politicians are usually much more skillful at raising money and campaigning than they are at governing. And that's obviously a big (ring, ring). Sorry, hold on. It's my dealer. I have to take this. Uh huh. Yeah. Well, I'm writing a blog post right now. That's right. Here, why don't you say hi to my readers. No. Ok. Yeah, a quarter's all I need. Thanks. What's that? Mercury-Dipped Horsehair? Maybe next time. Ok, I'll be right over. Bye bye.

Sorry about that. Ever since he murdered the dealer I had on 9/11 he gets really upset when I don't answer his calls. But as long as he's taking care of my addiction to Radithor, I'm cool with it. Anyway, politicians, yeah, whatever. I've gotta go.

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