Saturday, October 06, 2007

Iraqi Jokes

Conservatives are weird, stupid people. Ezra at Tapped has a good catch from some dude named Mario Loyala writing a cover story for National Review. Unfortunately, I'd need to subscribe to the damn thing to read the article, and that's not something I'm going to do. But Ezra showcases this "Iraqi joke" Mario apparently told to some Baathists that made fun of Baathists.

Admittedly, I found the joke mildly humorous, partly because it was so macabre, yet was still a decent dumb person joke. And it's the equivalent of a Polish joke, or what people in Texas would turn into an Aggie joke. But that's the thing, the target of the joke is clearly Baathists who are as dumb as they are evil. Only a conservative could have considered it an "Iraqi" joke and told it to Baathists, oblvious to what he was saying.

But that's the mistake the they made going into this thing, and what they continue to make. They saw Saddam as being the evil one and think of his helpers as faceless evil people. Like robots following Saddam's orders. But they weren't robots. They were people. And many of them liked how things were. And so this dumbass comes along and repeats a joke that not only mocks them, but serves as a bitter reminder about the whole thing.

BTW, I'm having major keyboard issues, so I'm not posting as much or as long as I'd like to. This sucks. I really wasn't done with this one, but the problem just got a lot worse. But all the same, I'd just like to repeat one of the Aggie jokes I got from that website I linked to. What do you call a female Aggie with 2 brain cells? Pregnant. Funny stuff.

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