Monday, February 05, 2007

Vote Mean

The glorious Carpetbagger quotes for us Republican Congressional Chief of Staff Michelle Presson on her idea of why the Democrats trounced them in November saying:
They stole our ideas, they ran as Republicans.”

Carpetbagger doubts that, but I don’t for a second.  Because the Republicans didn’t really have any ideas besides rolling back everything good.  But that’s not what they ran on.  What kept helping them win was attitude, pure and simple.  They had a tough talking attitude that didn’t back down or take no shit, and it worked.  And in that regard, the Democrats stole the GOP’s one and only good idea.

And to back that point up, allow me to cite the Beltway pundits’ reaction to that election.  To them, the Democratic win in November was a sign that Americans wanted bipartisanship and niceness.  Why?  Because people elected the Nice Guy Party.  They elect Republicans when they want bastards, and they elect Democrats when they want nice guys.  And the fact that Dems didn’t run as the Nice Guy Party just shows how out of touch those Beltway types are.  But that conventional wisdom was so ingrained in their thinking that they’d rather doubt the words they heard than the outdated wisdom.

But this is the Democratic Party that people want.  Not the watered-down, “bipartisan” shitheap the Beltway Pundits want to see, but real people who stand-up for what they believe and don’t have to retrace their steps every time they talk.  That’s what people have been saying they want for years, and finally the Democrats gave it to them.  That was the one thing Republicans did well, and we beat them at their own game.  We ran war heros, finger-missing freaks, and ex-quarterbacks, and it worked.  They sounded as liberal as they wanted to be, but they looked and acted tough.  

That’s how this works.  And if Republicans can win elections with their unpopular and dangerous agenda, just imagine how well it’ll work for us.  People like winners, and if you want to be a winner, you have to act like a winner.  And that’s the idea Dems stole from the Republicans last November.  It was their one and only play, and we did it better.  And with every new election, it should just keep getting easier.  Who knows, if this keeps up, it might get to the point that Republicans actually start coming up with real ideas to run on for a change.  Wonders never cease.

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