Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fool Me Twice, Just Shoot Me

For as much as I couldn’t believe we went through this the first time, I really, really can’t believe we’re going through this again.

Yet, government officials say there is some disagreement about how much to make public to support the administration's case. Intelligence officials worry the sources of their information could dry up.

Among the evidence the administration will present are weapons that were seized in U.S.-led raids on caches around Iraq, one military official in Washington said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

Oh my fucking god.  I can’t believe I just read this.  Yes, that poor fucking military official.  He’d soooo like to tell us everything he knows, if only those bastards in the Whitehouse would let him.  But no.  He has to remain nameless while being unable to offer even a tiny bit of his excellent evidence.  That’s it.  I’m convinced.  I mean, if the proof was so bland that even I could hear about it, it wouldn’t be very special.  But this proof must be good; because we can’t be told what it is or who’s telling us about it.  Of course.

This shit wasn’t even believable the first time, and it’s a proven recipe for disaster now.  But it’s not supposed to be believable.  It’s supposed to be so mind-bogglingly obviously stupid that you just sit there and stutter at the insanity of it.  It was crap the first time they pulled this shit, and it’s even worse crap now.  But again, that’s the point.  If it almost made sense, you could debate it.  You’d find some point to start on, work your way through, and demolish it.  But this argument doesn’t even have any semblance of sense to it; and thus, you can’t even figure out where to start.  Every bit’s as nonsensical as the last, and to even begin to debate it is to already fall under its spell.  Yet to ignore it is to end up in the same position we were last time.

And so we’re screwed.  The real problem here isn’t the dangerous dumbshits in the government pushing this garbage, because they’re dumbshits who shouldn’t be expected to know any better.  The real problem is that they can continue to find reporters so desperate for an “inside” tip that they’ll repeat anything the government says.  Oh, but I’m mistaken.  This isn’t coming from the government.  This is some poor military official who isn’t even authorized to be saying it.  Right.  

Just so you know, my money’s on Congress being able to stop this.  But then again, I didn’t think they’d go to war with Iraq or bother getting this far with Iran.  Sorry to say this, but some things go beyond rational thought.  And while I can even understand irrationality, I’ve found that even I can’t predict how where it will lead.  But I really think Congress can stop this.


Tehanu said...

hope you're right. Great post.

whig said...

Congress would discredit itself not to stop this.