Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hate the Policies, Not the Person

Although I’ve read a few things about the whole Edwards’ Bloggers thing, I hadn’t seen what the two bloggers actually wrote.  The blogs I read never gave specifics and I never bothered looking for them.  Needless to say, I was surprised when the only piece I’ve seen thus far said this:

For instance, Marcotte had written that the church wants "to force women to bear more tithing Catholics" and McEwen had written that the pope is among those who "regularly speak out against gay tolerance." Other postings used more graphic language.

Holy cannoli!  If that’s what counts as anti-Catholic bigotry, I suppose I have been a bit bigoted against religion.  I mean, that first remark sounds like nothing but a bit of snark, while the second quote should be considered a point of pride for traditional Catholics.  Hell, even the first quote is utterly undeniable, assuming you pulled the snarky “tithing” part out; which, while true, is still snarky.  And in either case, a simple rewording would surely get any Pope-loving Catholic nodding their head in agreement.

So if that’s what people find offensive, I suppose no political campaign is likely to want to knock on my door.  I personally don’t think I’ve ever said anything offensive about religion, but if the above quotes are any kind of standard of offensiveness, then I guess I’m just wrong.  Because it sounds like the offense is merely that of irreverence towards religion and having a snarky tone.  

And while I respect and understand religions, I’ve never really been into the whole reverence thing.  Even back in the day when I attended church as a kid, I’d always goof-off and sing using a silly voice.  I’d get a few dirty looks from the older folks, but dirty looks I can take.  It was the boredom that was killing me.  And that’s the way it is with our generation: Irreverence isn’t an insult; it’s a way of life.  And if that’s the mighty sin that Catholics need to fear, than I guess the religion’s in a lot more trouble than I had imagined.

Of course, Donohue’s cries of bigotry are fairly misplaced anyway.  You’re bigoted for hating people who belong to a specific group.  Like Dohohue’s hatred of secular Jews in Hollywood.  But you’re not bigoted for denouncing the policies or views of a group; unless, of course, your denouncement is based solely on your hatred for them.  But there’s absolutely nothing bigoted about disagreeing with the Catholic Church or any other church; and snark is certainly not an original sin.  But I suspect that Dohohue really doesn’t care about that anyway and is just looking for something to complain about.

Oh, and for the record, as a lapsed Catholic and son of a deacon, I’m automatically immune from any charge of anti-Catholic bigotry.  I’m open to attacks from all the other religions, but you papal agents are completely at my mercy.  That’s just how this shit works, apparently.

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