Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Treason is the Reason

Bush conservatives believe that it is un-American, traitorous, and deadly to not support pro-American propaganda.  They believe that if the truth shows America in a negative way, and you prefer to mention that truth instead of pro-American lies, then you are a bad person who wants America lose.  And if you support a politician who prefers to focus on that truth over pro-American propaganda, you are a bad person.  They tell us this all the time and it is one of their core beliefs.  So why don’t liberals believe them?  

This attitude of theirs starts all the way at the top, is consistently repeatedly by their information disseminators, and goes all the way to the bottom.  They all believe it.  It’s what separates us from them.  If you don’t agree that pro-American propaganda is more important than truth, then you’re not one of them.  And it’s so engrained in their minds that they find it impossible to believe that we’re not doing the same thing.  That’s why they think we’re treasonous, because they think we prefer anti-American propaganda over pro-American propaganda; regardless of the truth.  What’s so confusing about this?

Sure, they never say it that way, because if they did, they’d be betraying this exact principle.  If they admitted that things are going poorly in Iraq and that we should lie about it, then there would be no point in lying at all.  And if they admitted that Bush was a lousy president who they only supported for propaganda reasons, then again, they’d be undermining everything they were trying to say.  But it’s clear that they think this way, because that’s what they keep attacking us for.  So why do liberals forget?

Unmitigated Catastrophe

I was thinking about this while at Legal Fiction, where Publius was discussing a neo-con talking point on how a Lieberman loss in the primary would be bad for Democrats; because it would reinforce the idea that we’re too wacko.  And while Publius clearly wasn’t endorsing the idea, it was of concern to him.  But it was bullshit.  Because a Lieberman loss would clearly be good for us and bad for the Republicans.  And they obviously know it.  And that’s why they say this shit, because they want us to get confused and perhaps shy away from Lieberman.  And that would be a huge victory for the conservatives.  

Here’s what he quoted from NRO’s David Frum (no link):
Republicans are instinctively sympathetic to Lieberman as a Democrat who demonstrates that one can remain faithful to liberal principles at home while supporting the country's war effort abroad. That said, it might prove something less than an unmitigated catastrophe for the Republic, the war, and (ahem) the GOP if Lieberman were to lose. His defeat would hand Republicans a vivid symbol of what the Democratic party is evolving into: It's too left-wing, too defeatist, too antiwar even to tolerate its own vice presidential nominee of six years ago!

This was pure propaganda.  From his “faithful to liberal principles” to “too left-wing, too defeatist,” he’s trying to trick us.  These aren’t real thoughts.  This doesn’t represent his version of reality.  These are lies.  This is propaganda.  Why on earth would the GOP fear that Democrats would hand them a “vivid symbol” of the exact things they’ve been saying for decades?  For christ’s sake, it would reinforce everything that he himself is trying to say in that post!!  So why would he count that as a bad thing?  An “unmitigated catastrophe”?  That’s entirely illogical.  It would be bad for them, but not for the lame reason he’s giving.

But they can’t help it, by their own admission.  They cannot say that a Lieberman loss is good for Democrats any more than they can say that Iraq is bad for Bush.  Or any more than they can admit that soldiers are doing bad things in Iraq because of Bush’s incompetence.  This is apparent to everyone, but these guys can never ever never say it.  They can’t.  This is who they are.  They truly believe in propaganda, just as they claim they do.  They can never admit defeat.  They will never give you that “Ok, we were wrong” speech we keep waiting for.  They will never give us the satisfaction.  

Everyone Hurts

But it’s not because they’re stubborn fools, though they are.  But because they truly believe that it will lead to more defeats.  And even if they halfway admit to being wrong, it will be as an attempt to damage you even more.  They can’t help it.  They will always act as if your every move will give them another victory, and that your inaction will ensure your defeat.  They want you to be worried about every action, thought, and breath you take; because that’s how they win.  And they want you to look at them and see stoic men without fear.  Invincible stone statues that can’t be damaged, swayed, or stopped.  And you are to crumble into a whimpering pool of your own urine while they tromp over you, laughing.

But they do feel it.  They are scared.  Trust me, I know these things.  They know what a Lieberman loss means.  They know it will be yet another nail in their coffin.  And the more they know that, the more they’ll have to hide it, and the more they’ll have to act like victory is always theirs.  And if you can’t deal with it and require them to act scared, well tough.  They won’t do it.  They repeatedly tell us that.  They think that admitting defeat is immoral.  Even worse, they think it’s unpatriotic.  And that goes for foreign policy as well as domestic politics.  They refuse to show weakness and feel proud in lying to themselves about it.

They will never admit defeat or weakness or insecurity, but this isn’t strength.  They do so because they can never really win, never feel strong, never be secure.  Nothing is ever good enough.  They hide the truth because it haunts them so much.  They are scared, little people who are afraid of their own shadows, which is why they have to project the strength that they’re afraid they’ll never have.  

These people are not strong enough to admit truth.  So we’re going to have to trust ourselves enough to know that.  We have to be strong, because they never can be.  Well that, plus we need our fellow Islamofascist Feminazi Gay Lovers to finally secure a victory of some sort, so that we can at last put an end to this failed experiment called “America”.  If only we can invent a few more American atrocities against Muslims, victory is ours!!

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