Sunday, July 09, 2006

Everyone's Enemy

It’s too complicated to explain why I’m saying this, but it is scary to reflect on the fact that many conservatives believe it would be ok for a foreign nation to attack America and to execute any American who doesn’t qualify for Geneva standards; which apparently would be any American not in uniform.  As if self-defense is a capital offense.  The mind boggles.  Somehow, they have forgotten the difference between right and wrong and are merely satisfied with legal justifications.  They agonize at criminals being let-off for “redtape” and yet they’re completely satisfied with killing people for technical reasons; and regard morality as yet more redtape.  One begins to believe that they merely like to kill people, and one is probably right.

Maybe it’s just the booze talking, but I really don’t understand how the sadists haven’t taken over.  I fear it’s just a fluke.  I was thinking about it while reading John Dean and Michael Dorf at Findlaw discussing the Hamden decision, and truly fear that our luck won’t hold out and that the small-minded idiots will win-out in the end.  But I’m naturally an optimist, so I will continue to believe that luck will somehow continue to save us all.  I just don’t understand why we deserve it.

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Doodle Bean said...

Stay strong -- the tide is turning. But cut down on the drinking, will ya? You don't want to end up like Dick or Georgie.