Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dastardly Dick

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of Dick Cheney, I’m actually envisioning Darrell Hammond’s impression of Dick from Saturday Night Live.  Perhaps that’s just because I don’t watch the news and rarely see the real thing, and perhaps that’s just because Hammond’s impression does a better job of summing up the real Dick Cheney than Cheney himself.  I don’t know.

Is it that way for you?  Do you think it’s that way for most people?  And if so, do you think that could explain why people don’t take him as seriously as they should?  He really is a frightening person, if you take his words seriously.  But I just have a hard time taking him seriously.  Is that because I keep thinking he’s Darrell Hammond?  And if we added a laugh-track to Cheney’s public appearances, would that help or hurt his ability to haunt us?  Maybe everyone would ignore him.  Or maybe, it would enable him to be even more dastardly.  But seeing as how the Evil Dick routine is really just cover for the Incompetent Dick reality; I think it would only help.

All this brings up an obvious question:
If they replaced Cheney with Darrell Hammond, would anyone complain?  As long as he continued to fulfill his SNL duties, I wouldn’t mind.

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