Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blog for Sale

Having read about the bundle that Kos is making, as well as WaPo’s own problem of having paid shills writing opinion pieces without proper attribution: I have an announcement to make.  As of this moment, this blog is for sale.  Five bucks gets you a positive blog post.  Fifteen gets you a five-post series.  For fifty bucks, I'll devote my entire blog to you and give you my first born child.  I have no scruples and a thesaurus that just won’t quit.  You’re unlikely to get as much publicity than if you just started your own diary at Kos, but the money will be well spent.  By me.  

Besides, there'd be nothing better than watching O'Reilly complain about the Big Biobrain Payola scandal.  Probably the most fame I could ever get is to have O'Reilly turn me into a big Kingpin of liberal blogs, just to show how corrupt the whole system is.  He might even put my picture next to Ward Churchill.  That'd be awesome.

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