Monday, July 03, 2006

Tolerating Bigots

Guest Post by Doctor Snedley, Personal Assistant to Doctor Biobrain

Perhaps he’s just joking, but it looks like uber-leftie Atrios has hit the nail on the head with his post titled Intolerant Atheists, pointing out that the less you attend church, the more you discriminate against Christians by lumping all of them together; as if one faith is just as good as any other.

As Atrios cites, the poll shows that 50% of people who attend church more than once a week realize that Mormons aren’t suitable for controlling the reins of government, compared with only 28% of those who never or barely attend church.  And that just makes sense.  After all, if you don’t have a preacher, priest, or pastor to regularly remind you of what you’re supposed to believe, it’s not so easy to keep these distinctions separate.  

And that is the exact goal of the Feminazi Islamofascist Communist cabala and why they want to ban churches.  Because they want us to forget our distinctions and start thinking that we’re all just as lousy as everyone else, the damn bigots.  That’s also why they have the rappers wearing their jimmy caps all the time, so that people follow the fashion and start blocking the brainwaves emitting from their skull so God won’t know what they’re thinking and inform the DOD.  Of course, the joke is on them, as God can still intercept your brainwaves through your face.  But they’re trying, dammit.  They’re trying.

And why do they want that?  Treason’s the reason.  They want you to get confused as to God’s original categorizations, so that you can’t remember up from down or why you’re not married to your dog.  Eventually, you’ll just throw up your hands in confusion and toss-out the only thing that’s preventing them from taking over this country: God’s good graces.

And so what is the undeniable conclusion that these polls point to?  Mandatory church attendance.  It worked for our Founding Fathers, and I have yet to see any 17th century poll that showed atheist support for those damn wacko Mormons getting the presidency.  As George W. Washington famously said: “When people are in church, they’re not committing crimes.”  And that goes doubly for the terrorists.  Looks like both God and the President will remain coffee drinkers.

Oh, and for any intolerant racist out there who suggests that all faiths are equally valid, let me remind you that when God chose to send his only begotten son to earth, he didn’t make him a Hindu, Islama, Pharaoh, or Mormon.  He was a Christian, bigot!  It says so in the bible.

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