Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Marketers will Inherit the Earth

Why don’t movie studios give us the movies that their marketing departments want to sell?  I mean, how often have you seen some movie that looks just great on the previews, but when you see the movie, you realize that it was a completely different kind of movie than what had been advertised.  Like if you saw a David Spade movie and expected to be entertained.  And the movie you saw wasn’t nearly as good as the movie that you thought you were going to see.  That happens all the time.  So why don’t they just get with the marketing department before the movie is made, and give us the movies that we want to see?  How hard is that?  The marketing people clearly know what people want, so why do so many movies really really suck?  That makes no sense.  

And for that matter, why can’t they do that with politicians too?  Was it really too impossible for them to make Bush into the brilliant war president they insisted he was, or was that exactly what they were trying to avoid?  I saw a clip of him on The Daily Show tonight, and he really looked like crap.  Like even he has realized that he’s just a big incompetent phony. I honestly feel sorry for the guy.  Is it his fault that his marketing department was so damn good?  I don’t see how.  If anything, he’s been working to undermine his presidentialness from the get-go.  You can’t say he wasn’t trying.  But ironically, he was much too incompetent to overcome the marketing juggernaut that was intent upon hiding that very incompetence.  

And if things continue, it’s likely that the marketers will eventually gain control of both the movie and political system, and will start giving us what we really want.  But then again, it’s quite possible that they’re only good at commercials.

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Adam said...

Um... because most Hollywood blockbusters really are jokes that are only funny the first time, special effects that get old after the first few go-rounds, or plots that could be told in 5 minute shorts at best.

It's the 30-second previews that are stretched out into movies, not the other way around.

C'mon, that was an easy one.