Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Are THEIR Fears

Regarding Josh Marshall’s post on North Korea’s failed test of the missile that supposedly can hit the United States…in Alaska…if it worked: How much longer until it is widely acknowledged that neo-conservatives and other international fear-mongers are always running from their own shadows?  They’re constantly worried that the enemy is as devious as them and knows all their weaknesses.  And they trumpet unlikely, but potential threats as if the missiles are already on the way.  

And the enemy they fear is really in their own minds.  Yet they use this fear-mongering as an excuse to act as underhandedly as they imagine their enemy is.  Sure, there is an enemy plotting against us; but listening to these fools is little better than listening to any other paranoid-schizoid.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong; but it sure don’t help.

And in the meantime, we fail to take actions to properly protect ourselves.  We anger the international community, screw our allies, and enrage our enemy’s recruiting base.  We over-react.  We spy on ourselves and see enemies around every corner.  Pre-9/11, they focused on evil regimes which didn’t threaten us, and kept that focus long after it was obviously wrong.  Heck, these guys weren’t even right about the Cold War, and that was their specialty for over thirty years.  If they’ve ever been right, it’s been purely by luck; because they don’t base their theories on reality; only fears.

So how much longer until even neo-cons are too embarrassed to say this stuff?  Until they finally decide to keep their paranoia to themselves?  And who knows, with any luck, maybe the media might get embarrassed of the Chicken Little routine too.  We can only hope.

And on that note:


Don’t blow-off anyone’s face.

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