Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just Say Yes

Dammit! In an embarrassing turn of events, it looks like I'm going to have to drop my support for Hussein Obama, and instead throw all my support behind the only candidate with the experience, wisdom, and straight-talkerness in the race. Who else, but John Maverick McCain.

Why the sudden change? Because it turns out that Nancy Reagan wasn't endorsing Obama, as I had been assured repeatedly. Instead, Nance decided to throw her hefty political weight behind President-Elect McCain (after much soul searching on her part, I'm sure). And as I've always said, wherever Nancy Reagan goes, Doctor Biobrain is sure to follow. I mean, I followed Nancy's "Just Say No" advice on drugs until she stopped saying it, and look how far that got me. And if she was smart enough to realize that people can say "No" to drugs, who knows what else she's liable to be right about. Perhaps it is time we bomb Iran.

So that's it for me, from here on out, I'm a McCain man. And as for the person who swore to me that Nancy was going to endorse Obama: Jeer! Oh, and it turned out getting all those magazine subscriptions didn't guarantee that I'd win any of those prizes, so I'll be expecting a refund for that advice too! Sure wish Nancy could have advised me to say "No" to listening to you.

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