Thursday, March 06, 2008

Big Government Solutions: Fighting Fires with Gasoline

Guest Post by Doctor Snedley,
Personal Assistant to Doctor Biobrain

Well folks, just thought I should check-in after a long sojourn helping bring freedom to Iraq one no-bid contract at a time, and happened to catch yet another news article about big government maleficence while jetting back from the Freedom Riviera.

From the AP:
Nearly 40,000 people learned this week that a trip to the doctor may have made them sick. In a type of scandal more often associated with Third World countries, a Las Vegas clinic was found to be reusing syringes and vials of medication for nearly four years. The shoddy practices may have led to an outbreak of the potentially fatal hepatitis C virus and exposed patients to HIV, too.

Sounds scary, but I don't see what the big deal is. Sure, lots of people got really sick, but I've been assured repeatedly by my libertarian friends in Iraq that these people will be dealt with when word gets out and people stop visiting the clinic. That's right, the free markets will take care of everything, assuming we let them. But knowing Washington bureaucrats, who just don't know when to leave well enough alone, they're likely to try to shut this clinic down rather than letting nature take its course. Damn tax & spenders!

Liberal Fantasy Worlds

And the whole article is dripping with socialism, starting with that reference to so-called "Third World countries." Third World countries?! What the hell does that mean? Look, I've traveled all over this fine globe, from our most glorious nation, to the terrorist-infested success in Iraq, to many excellent resort communities throughout Muslim-threatened Old Europe, and I've never seen one of these "Third World countries" once. Not once! What are the odds of that?

Even the name doesn't make sense. We only have one world. ONE! Yet just listen to what they're saying "Third World countries." World countries?? How can a country have a whole separate world in it, let alone a "third" world? Impossible. Countries are smaller than worlds. I know, I checked.

And that can mean only one thing: They don't exist. How could they? These mystical places where government bureaucrats don't meddle around with their senseless regulations and licensing, but which still have problems. Trust me, if such a place existed, I'd be there quicker than you can say Bureaucratocracy; soaking in the good life and basking in my ever-loving freedom. How could such a place have problems when government IS the problem? It couldn't.

No, as everyone knows, the only countries that exist are America, Canada, Mexico, and Old Europe. Two of those are socialist hotbeds, and the third is a liberal trap designed to solve our labor problem while simultaneously stealing our jobs and creating more crime in our country. And why do libs want more crime? Why else: So Big Government can "solve" it by taxing us to death. Typical.

Left Ain't Right

But the main point is clear: America is the most liberty preserving country on the entire planet, which is exactly why socialists have banded together to destroy us with their redtape, high taxes, and atheism. Why, when your typical socialist lib reads a story like this Vegas clinic, I bet the first thing they think is to want even more government interference. More government! Up is down with these people, and after surveying all the damage they've done, their only "solution" is to add more gasoline to the fire.

So it's obvious what the real problem here is: Government regulations and licensing created a Hep C epidemic in Sin City, and now needs the free market to step in and bail it out...yet again! This is just so typical. When will these fatcat bureaucrats finally realize that they just need to leave well enough alone and everything will be alright? We never had clinics spreading Hep C all over the place before governments started interfering in our lives and we won't have them long after I've drowned the government in the tub in my Lear Jet.

Now it's back to Iraq to show Iraqi's the wonders of freedom, and to see to see if Blackwater's got my new plasma screen installed. Instilling democracy in a frightened people is its own reward, but I gots to have my March Madness, baby!


Douglas said...

We do not have to take injustice passively. Merchants have considered ways to fairly or unfairly take advantage of their customers.
When Adam Smith first defined capitalism, free markets, modern economics, etc., he excepted riots for profound injustice as an economic force in society. This in book 4 of Wealth of Nations. It is part of a discussion on bounties (price supports) and controls on grain (British = corn) supplies.

Doctor Biobrain said...

So Douglas, are you suggesting that if all the potential victims of this Hep C epidemic rioted and burned the clinic down, this would be a better way to handle the situation than government regulations? What if they sought out the people responsible and infected them with Hep C? Would that be an improvement? One of the primary benefits of our system is that vigilante justice is inefficient and harmful to society. But if everyone has mutually agreed upon rules of conduct and outside enforcement agencies to provide relatively equal justice, society benefits.

And can you please give us specifics on when we're allowed to use riots to fix injustice? If not a Hep C epidemic, when? Should MLK have rioted? What about after his assassination?

Rather than riots, I'd much rather see these kind of clinics shut down and have the people responsible for it ruined. I want them to lose their licenses and be forbidden to practice medicine again. If they can go to jail, they should. And if they can be sued, they should lose everything. None of that is possible without our society's oversight. And without that, we're left to riots, vengeance killings, and further injustice.

And the basic problem is that libertarians somehow imagine that everything worked out fine until government got involved. But the truth is that the old system was inefficient, and that rather than our government being some intrusive outside mechanism upsetting the natural order; our government and society is the culmination of thousands of years of trial and error. Rather than being a hinderance to the natural system; this is the natural system perfected. We may not have come up with a perfect governmental system, but it's the best one so far.

And one of the worst ideas is the libertarians' demand for Jenga-style removal of random pieces of our safety net that they don't understand. Remove enough pieces and the whole thing will come tumbling down. And in my opinion, riots are part of a failing system; not a healthy one. I think most people agree with me on that. Riots suck.