Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Highway to Hell

I've written about this kind of thing before, but I remain confused as to a contradiction in the minds of some religious folks. They insist that "evil" is allowed in the world because God wants us to have freewill and to choose for ourselves whether to be good or bad. And I understand that, I suppose. But if they believe their god isn't going to use his infinite powers to enforce goodness on us, why do they insist that he compels them to enforce goodness on us? It's wrong for God to deny us freewill, but it's ok for men to do so on God's behalf? That doesn't make any sense. I mean, if anyone is in a position to know how to enforce such laws, you'd think it'd be the omniscient being, not these bozos who can't even come into agreement as to what they think their god wants.

And I was thinking about this while reading this news story about a traveling pharmacist who not only refused to fill a refill prescription of the Morning After Pill, but gave a lecture to the poor girl and wouldn't give her the prescription to take elsewhere. An appeals court recently stated that the penalty against the pharmacist would stand.

And I feel so sorry for the poor guy, as he says this "critically devastated" his business because pharmacies are now less likely to hire him. Wow, big surprise. He has a very controverial position of refusing to do part of his job and can't understand why people won't hire him. I can't imagine why a place of business would want to avoid a controversial religious issue like this. This reminds me of the time I couldn't get work as a bookkeeper just because I refused to use the number 6 on the keypad (it's part of the sign of the Devil, don't ya know). Even now, I just use the number 7 and remember to deduct one each time I do it. (And yes, I had someone else type that number for this post and refuse to look at it).

But again, where the hell does this guy get off enforcing his religion on others? What happened to freewill? If God isn't going to stop Hitler and allows babies to starve to death on a daily basis, who the hell is this guy to try to enforce his morality onto others? If we're going to Hell, that's our business; and his business is to hand people pills when a doctor says it's ok (I wonder how many pill junkies he helps out daily without thinking about it).

And if this guy wants to get into the morality business, he needs to get a new job. And even then, religious figures have to convince us to be moral and aren't allowed to deny us our God given right to be sinners. If God allowed there to be a highway to hell, I don't see where anyone appointed this guy as a roadblock. He can choose not to drive along it if he wants, but he's got no right to stop us from doing so. Apparently, that's how his god wants it.

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