Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Discover Real Manhood

What the hell? Herbal Viagra substitutes actually contain real Viagra?? As do other "herbal" substitutes for boner pills? And yet they're far cheaper?? Has the world really gone this crazy?

According to the article, 69% of herbal Viagra substitutes purchased in China by Viagra's maker contain the active ingredient for Viagra, while the FDA has been prosecuting several companies for illegally importing the drugs. I don't know what stuns me more about this: That herbal pill makers would actually go through the trouble of including real drugs in their pills, or that there are spam emails for products that actually work. What's next? Penny stocks that really can make you rich? Or perhaps there really are hot women in my area who just want anonymous sex with me right now. In either case, I guess it's time to stock-up on the herbal remedies.

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