Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Question Crusade

Obama is an outrageous liar. How do I know this? Because when someone within his campaign created a forty-one page PDF suggesting that Obama biographer Jerome Corsi was a nut, they deleted one sentence from a quote Corsi said. Specifically, he was stating a fact about jet fuel which the liars at Popular Mechanics "claim" to have debunked, and said (emphasis mine):
The fire, from jet fuel, does not burn hot enough to produce the physical evidence that he's produced. so when you've got science that the hypothesis doesn't explain--evidence--then the hypothesis doesn't stand anymore. It doesn't mean there's a new hypothesis you've validated. It just means the government's explanation of the jet fuel fire is not a sufficient explanation to explain the evidence of these spheres--these microcopic spheres--that Steven Jones has proved existed within the WTC dust.
And yet, the liar Obama had his people change this by removing the highlighted sentence. Yeah, the important one. And that obviously changes the entire meaning of what he said for reasons that are so self-evident that they can't possibly be explained. And if you don't now hate Obama for outrageously lying about this one sentence in a forty-one page document written by someone else, then you're a BHO Cultist who is as difficult to talk to as a Level 47 Scientologist.

The Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever

And I learned all this from the good folks at 24Ahead.com, who explain in detail why that one sentence is so important:
With that sentence, his statements take on a more balanced tone; he appears to be calling for real press coverage instead of simply accepting everything the government has said at face value.
There's a huge difference between the wild-eyed truthers who claim for a fact that Bush/Cheney/etc. knew about or planned the attacks and those who rightly question some government explanations that don't add up.
You see? With that sentence, it means Corsi is merely questioning the government's claims. But without that sentence, he'd have been insisting that he has proof of his own claims. Duh! Because Corsi isn't making any claims at all. He's merely demanding that we ask questions based upon his layman's understanding of fire that have been answered repeatedly by the people who'd know the answer. That's all.

And there's nothing crazy about asking questions. If anything, it's crazy to not ask questions that people stop answering because they're tired of repeating the same answers to you. That's incredibly suspicious, isn't it? Why would you stop answering a question just because the questioner refuses to listen to the answer? That's simply illogical.

Similarly, I got into all this because Pat Boone was sensibly asking questions about Obama's birth certificate which people are also getting tired of answering; which again is proof that he must be hiding something.

Questions Begetting Questions

And amazingly, the more you ask these questions, the more people act like you've got some sort of hidden agenda for asking questions that they've already answered repeatedly. But it's obvious that the real hidden agenda is by the folks who didn't find it necessary to ask the questions in the first place. Why else would so many people conspire against asking questions, unless they had some reason to fear the answers? And why would they think we had a hidden agenda in asking these questions unless they had a hidden agenda in stopping us from asking them?

And so for people to not ask questions about Obama's birth simply because many people have seen his birth certificate and it's been verified as being authentic is clear evidence of fraud which raises many more questions. And for people to not ask questions about 9/11 simply because many engineers say that they have all the answers is simply outrageous. Sure, the "experts" say these things, but if they weren't in on the fraud, they'd be on our side demanding better answers.

After all, for every ten experts they've got, we can find someone who says otherwise. And besides, what's an expert, besides some jerkoff who keeps disagreeing with me while pointing to his phony credentials and calling security every time I won't leave his office? And so I've been officially deprogrammed and am now leaving the Cult of Obama, simply because I'm so outraged by that one missing sentence, as well as by the Certification of Live Birth which he's absurdly passing off as his Birth Certificate. And if you don't do the same, I'm going to keep asking you questions until you understand why you're wrong and join me in my crusade to ask more questions.

Update: I just received a call from one of Rahm Emanuel's former neighbors who informed me that if I don't rejoin the cult immediately, they're taking my wubby away. Damn these guys know how to play hardball. I relent. Obama is God!

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Kevin Robbins said...

If you don't think about them too much, conspiracy theories have an allure. I think the problem that always arises is what to do about the overwhelming number of people that would have to be involved. I believe the only solution is to send them to the Village. Which, of course, makes a good conspiracy theory in itself. Be Seeing You.