Saturday, January 07, 2012

Nihilist of the Day: Male Rape

Here is a must read post I wrote at American Nihilist. It is in honor of Obama's newest attempt to destroy the fabric of society: Male Rape. 

And remember, American Nihilist is the go to blog for anyone who's visited Obama's luxurious re-education resorts. It's not a marching order if you didn't read it at American Nihilist. Life is Nihilism. Obama is life.


Since the beginning of time, the sole purpose of the human race was to protect Yahweh's greatest gift to man: The Female Vagina.  This is because female vaginas help God help us to procreate and expand upon his creation, plus they're very very sexy.  But thanks to the hard work of Commander Supreme Barack Sidney Obama and you, his loyal minions, the whole rape ballgame's gone topsy-turvy, where you can't tell the rapists from the victims and everyone will be raped for at least fifteen minutes.  
That's right.  Obama has decreed the new existence of Male Rape.  So strap on your strap-ons and hope you're the one who ends up on top, because it'll sure be a lot more fun than the other way around.