Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creationist Heretics: Sixth Grade Smackdown Edition

Found this video over on Facebook.  A creationist getting a slight smackdown by a sixth grade atheists.  The sixth grader did well under the circumstances, I suppose.  Though I was less than fully impressed.  Because it was his fault that the creationist went on that long nonsense argument, because the kid missed the better part of the argument.  Here's what he did:

And yeah, I suppose the kid won the thing by default, as the guy didn't really say anything.  But he really missed the main point, which allowed the other guy to do his word salad monologue.  Because it was obvious he had nothing, but was doing whatever he could to not relinquish the floor and allow the kid to speak.

The creationist guy said that his proof that God exists is that he knows things. And since he knows things and you can only learn things from God, therefore there must have been a god that taught him these things. But...we *know* who taught him everything and it wasn't God. Everything that dude knows came from man. He didn't learn anything directly from God. God didn't teach him 2+2. Of course not. He learned that from a teacher, or his parents. A human taught him 2+2 and he knows it. He might even know the specific person that taught it to him.

In fact, this guy didn't even learn about his *god* from God. He learned about his god from man. His dad, most likely. And if his dad had been a Buddhist, this guy would be a Buddhist. And if his dad was Muslim, this guy would have been a Muslim. But...he was born to a Protestant creationist of some sort, and he learned about that from man. So even his own foundational principle is exposed to be false. Everything he's basing his argument on is an obvious lie. Whether or not a god exists, this guy's deepest knowledge source is a sham and he doesn't even know it.

And then, of course is the ultimate refutation of his beliefs: His own beliefs. Because the thing about Yahweh is that he wants you to believe in him. Sure, sometimes he'll show himself in burning bushes and other miracles, but usually it's all on belief. Trusting in him without evidence. Anyone can follow a deity that has proven supernatural powers. That's just stupid not to. But no, Yahweh doesn't want to make it easy. He wants to make this a little test. You have to accept him with no proof. No evidence. Just a feeling. A belief. That's how Yahweh likes it. And well, whatever. If I were the Creator, that's not how I'd go about things. But whatever. This is Yahweh's thing. He's a jealous deity and he wants you to love him unconditionally. It's just his thing.

And if that's the case, then this creationist dude is on a fools errand as he's trying to give proof of a being that doesn't allow itself to be proven. The reason he can't prove his god exists is because his god won't allow it. In fact, were he to actually prove the existence of his god, he'd have violated a basic tenet of his own religion; committing one of the gravest of heresies. And he's too fucking stupid to know it.