Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fake Homos, Satan's Synagogue, and Nixon's Friend

I'm a bad man and my American Nihilist post on The Myth of Homosexuality is proof of that. Read it and I'm sure you'll agree.

And I should also mention my post on how CBS Helps Hide Jewish Nihilist Cabal, which was a post thanking CBS for editing out Billy Graham’s reference to our Jewish nihilist hate group, the Synagogue of Satan, from a conversation he had with President Nixon. But I wanted to take the time to highlight a few bits of natural comedy from that conversation (which can be heard here (mp3).

First off, it’s obvious that Nixon was trying to sound more religious than he actually was, while Graham was trying to tone down his religiousness. And for as much as Graham really seemed to like Nixon, Nixon seemed to think that Graham was a nut who he needed to humor. And while there definitely were some areas of agreement between them, their antipathy towards Jews, for instance; Nixon was clearly steering the conversation away from some of the nuttier areas that Graham wanted to go in.

Overall, it had the air of a politician trying to score points with the base, while Graham was so enthralled with Nixon that he had no real agenda for the conversation. He just wanted to talk with the Prez. Not that he saw it as a favor, because again, it was a boring, pointless conversation. He just thought of Nixon as a friend, which is absolutely hilarious; if for no other reason than because Richard Nixon had no friends.

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