Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anti-American Iranians

I've got yet another nihilist offering, this time showing my solidarity with the Iranian government in opposing the pro-American dissidents in Iran who are attempting to destroy the greatest government on earth. I wholly recommend reading it, as it's generally better than the crap I write here.

But seriously, can someone please explain to me why conservatives think it's wrong for other countries to be anti-American? They're not f-ing Americans, so why should they be pro-American? It's obvious that they're not even referring to "America" as a country anymore, but to certain grand principles which we embody so well that it's deemed necessary for us to bomb the fuck out of anyone we don't like. And it's to the point that "pro-American" doesn't even mean anything anymore, other than supporting whatever conservatives support.

Somehow, I doubt they'd feel the same way if someone suggested that they're defective for being anti-Iranian. But no, to them we're the exceptional master race; while every other country sucks eggs. And while I definitely feel that America has a certain specialness to us, I fail to see why we should expect other countries to feel the same way. Particuarly not when we jokingly sing songs about how we should Bomb-Bomb-Bomb their country.

If we want other countries to respect us, we need to act respectable. And that includes not starting dumb wars, not torturing people, and not allowing our people to die because they're too "lazy" to get health insurance. Yet somehow, these are considered to be anti-American positions. Weird.

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