Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Typical RedState Day

In case you hadn't noticed yet, I haven't gotten back to blogging after Spring Break. Yeah, it was that much fun. I still haven't even gotten around to checking my email in over a week. But I figured I better write something so you wouldn't think I was dead, and knew that there's no better place for easy material than RedState.

And I wasn't disappointed. Here's a post entitled Note to Jim Moran (D-VA): People who want to kill themselves to kill you don’t care about your ‘reputation’, which was based upon a quote from Moran who was talking about closing down Gitmo and said "It will enhance our reputation to close it down and to apply our system of justice to all of these detainees." And in the little mind of Jeff Emanuel, the only people who know about what goes on at Gitmo are the terrorists we put there. Note to Jeff Emanuel: Gitmo is a recruiting tool that encourages people to want to kill themselves to kill you.

And sure, he could have just written "Terrorists don't care about your reputation" or even "Suicide bombers don't care about your reputation." But no, conservatives hit those rhetorical devices far too many times and now all their weight has been lost. It's time to put the euphamisms aside and really try to grab their attention. And so they're reduced to writing morbid phrases like "People who want to kill themselves to kill you," as if spelling it out for us would finally make us "get it." Yes, Jeff. We get it. They're bad fucking dudes. Now it's time we stop treating them like super villains and come up with a longterm strategy for dealing with the problem.

But apparently, our reputation in the European Union is now very important. Maybe we'll be allowed to eat French cheese soon, too!

And lastly we have National Service - Soviet Style (Part II in a series that you can’t possibly make up), and in case you were wondering, yes, they made it up. For a similar post with a better title, try Obama plans to force your children into work programs with mandatory service, uniforms and an oath. And the idea is that there's apparently a bill that just passed which will authorize a commission to look into having a manditory volunteerism program to make people fulfill their civic duties, as well as including volunteerism in public school curriculum.

Interesting. The same people who hated Bill Clinton for avoiding the draft now insist that mandatory civic activity is a denial of their rights. And while I haven't heard about this elsewhere, just based upon the description they gave, it really doesn't sound so bad; though it was seriously lacking in details.

Yet the RedStaters are clearly preparing for the worst, and either talk about how they're buying more guns or leaving the country. One doofus mentions how he's going to go to "a free part of the world" but then realizes that there are no such places that he'd want to live in and suggests that he might go to Dubai. And I support him in that, particularly over his other plan to "buy a bunch of guns." In fact, I wish all the RedStaters many great happinesses in Dubai. That'd be awesome.

And there you have it: Proof that I'm not dead. And sure, none of these stories are really "new" so it's possible that I just took a guess at what RedState would be going with, but really, I'm not sure it makes a difference in any case.

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Anonymous said...

Doc, glad to see (uh,read) that you're not dead. I thought one of the Gitmo natives had killed himself and you as well.

Has O'Reilly lifted the boycott on France?

And, is the construction on Galtland nearly complete so all the wingers can move there and collapse our society from not having their brilliance to prop it up?