Friday, March 06, 2009

More Nihilism

For your reading pleasure I have two nihilist posts to link to:

Great stuff you can find only at The American Nihilist, the blog for all your anti-American needs.


Donald Douglas said...

No debate victory for you!

In fact, you keep digging yourself in deeper, here.

Donald Douglas said...

Wait, good news, Dr. Birdbrain! You guys have won.

I'm a total fraud! This is the end!

Doctor Biobrain said...

I'm glad you have a sense of humor about that kind of thing. I actually thought you got roughed up quite a bit for what was clearly an honest mistake. A pretty silly mistake, but not intentional.

You really need to keep the humor with this stuff. For as much as we're debate foes, I really am worried about you when you start acting like Obama's intentionally bringing the country down. That stuff's hilarious when I write it as parody at the nihilist blog. It's more than a bit frightening to see it in person, particularly from someone I see as being on the intellectual side.

Don't you remember when everyone was saying this same stuff about Clinton? Heck, my dad STILL thinks Clinton was a Soviet agent, which would have to make him the most ineffective spy ever. And I once had a real estate agent who went on and on about how many people Clinton had murdered, which was a very awkward discussion to have while eating ice cream at Dairy Queen. Me and my wife just smiled and waited for her to stop saying crazy stuff. But she found us the house we eventually bought, so I won't complain.

And looking back, that all looks quaint. You can disagree with Clinton's policies or say that he gets credit he didn't deserve, but it's obvious that he wasn't trying to destroy America. Similarly, there are lots of liberals who INSIST that Bush wanted to screw up the country and purposefully screwed up Iraq.

We're seeing the same stuff with Obama. There will always be crazies who say wild stuff about leaders they don't like, but you really need to be bigger than that, Donald. I'm serious. There are already too many crazy conservatives saying ridiculous things. You need to stand up for the intellectuals and give the rational argument for your side. It doesn't seem to be coming from anyone else. I'm just waiting for Limbaugh to start suggesting that Obama killed Vince Foster.