Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Freedom Marches On

Peeance Freeance:
Afghanistan's lower house of Parliament passed a resolution Monday seeking to bar television programs from showing dancing and other practices deemed un-Islamic.

The decision came just days after the private Tolo TV channel aired a dance number featuring men and women together on an Afghan film awards program.

The Information and Culture Ministry condemned the scene, saying "dancing by men and women together was completely against the culture of the Afghan, Muslim society."

Azimi said the resolution also includes an article saying Afghan banks should not offer interest-bearing accounts because Islamic law forbids interest.

This is the kind of thing that makes conservatives go insane. Here they are, with more proof of how evil Islamofascists are, yet...it's the glorious war of Afghanistan. Plus, many conservatives approve of Morality Police, yet...they're banning a standard practice of capitalism too. While people with a complex worldview can easily handle this kind of thing and see it as predictable; simpleton wingnuts have no ability to wrap their minds around these sort of contradictions. For them, Americans go in, free the people, democracy wins, and everyone has a good old time setting up the Starbucks and churches. End of story.

But I guess they've already written-off the Afghanistan adventure as much as they're wanting to write-off Iraq. They might not talk about it, but I'm sure they're just counting the days until a Democratic president pulls us out of Iraq, and thus allow them to finally admit there's a civil war, which is entirely the fault of the traitorous Democrats. I guess life is as simple as you want it to be. Must be nice.