Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clinton & McCain's Out of Touch Gas Pandering

As a follow-up to what I wrote yesterday about Clinton & McCain's lame gas tax "holiday," it looks like Obama's got the right things to say:
"It would last for three months and it would save you on average half a tank of gas, $25 to $30. That's what Senator Clinton and Senator McCain are proposing to deal with the gas crisis."

"This isn't an idea designed to get you through the summer, it's an idea designed to get them through an election."

And that's exactly right. This isn't a big money savings for consumers; it's a political ploy. When you're paying up to $4 a gallon for gas, eighteen cents a gallon just isn't the big savings Clinton or McCain are pretending it is. But they're so out of touch that they imagine the rubes will be appeased by this mere pittance. But as the article notes, economists including Clinton supporter Paul Krugman say that this "holiday" really doesn't make sense and the savings will be absorbed by the refineries.

So what does Hillary do? Attack Obama for being "out of touch" with regular Americans, and she'll draw attention to her proposal by...wait for it...pumping gas at a gas station. Wow, she really does know how to appeal to the average consumer. We're all about cheap political stunts like having presidential candidates pumping gas. That'll totally win my heart because I pump gas for myself! So it's like she's acting just like ME! Wow, this is much better than a real solution that will save me money, because I'm an idiot who is impressed by cheap theatrics.

She even has a new ad out attacking Obama for opposing her lamebrained ploy, which somehow fails to mention exactly how much savings this will actually be. It's as if she knows eighteen cents a gallon isn't the big savings she's pretending it is, but is hoping the rubes are too dumb to notice. Had the ad said "Hillary's got a short-term plan that might save you up to ten dollars a month on gasoline," people would laugh at her. So she doesn't mention the actual savings at all and tries to paint Obama as a jerk for not agreeing with her stupid proposal that even her supporters say won't work.

And btw, yes, I am too much of an idiot to realize that it was Hillary's "toughguy" foreign policy that helped raise oil prices to begin with. It's smart to destabilize a region which is only important due to its most precious resource. Let's have a war on bees too, and then reduce the rising cost of honey by making it nontaxable. Just brilliant.

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