Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pledge of Disallegiance

Holy sweet jesus! Some people somewhere didn't want to say the Pledge of Allegiance!!! How on earth are we to expect people to stay loyal to our country if we don't have them say the Pledge every time we ask them to? We can't! The Pledge is the only thing keeping people from signing on to the Commie Menace, or worse, joining an Al Qaeda sleeper cell and destroying us all with Saddam's still-hidden nukes.

It's not like the Pledge is some meaningless recitation that serves no purpose other than to force school children to repeat words they don't understand. Instead, it's a magical incantation that forever binds the user to remain loyal to our country, up until the time that person is asked to say it again. And if anyone ever dares not recite the Pledge upon request, we all know this person is a disloyal "American" who clearly deserves to go back to Mother Russia and/or Gitmo. Everyone knows that.

And where did this Pledge denial occur? Where else: At a Democratic District Caucus in Seattle, of course. And why would these supposed "Americans" refuse to say the Pledge? Why else: Because it would burn their skin and make their innards become their outards if they even tried to say the Pledge, that's why. Hussein Obama packed the crowd with his jihad-supporting atheist radicals bent on using our own democracy to subvert itself in the name of Islamolesbianism, and they were forced to disallow the entire crowd from saying the Pledge; lest any true Americans in the crowd begin to repeat what Obama's radical America-haters consider to be the ultimate blasphemy. Or worse, that some of their Stalinist bretheren might accidentally start reciting it along with the true Americans, and thus be forced to betray their anti-American agenda and become Republican.

And so it's obvious that because these traitors not only refused to say the Pledge, but actually booed the idea of saying it before voting it down, that these are disloyal "Americans" who aren't worthy of the spittle that's dripping from my lips just thinking about them. What's next? They'll remove their holy American Flag pins from their lapels? Liberal traitors might pretend that these are all just empty gestures of patriotism that serve no true purpose, but we all know otherwise. God is watching us, and as long as we continue to say the Pledge every single time we're asked to say it, and keep wearing a colored piece of metal on our clothes, we remain safe. America is obviously much too weak to handle this level of dissent. The Pledge MUST be said as often as possible.

BTW, I don't remember if anyone said the Pledge at our county convention here in Austin, but I do remember us getting the Wave to go around the Expo Center a few times, which I'm sure is just as good.

h/t Loyal Reader Donald Fouglas


Americaneocon said...

"Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. "Jeremiah Wright, became a household name last month when ABC News reported on some of Wright’s inflammatory sermons. As his applauding congregation cheered him on, the former leader of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ condemned the U.S. government for “killing innocent people” and for treating American citizens, especially blacks, as “less than human.” “God Damn America,” Rev. Wright preached.

These sentiments were entirely consistent with comments Wright had made many times during his long pastoral career. From the pulpit, Rev. Wright also has taught that AIDS was concocted by the federal government as a genocidal plot against blacks. On another occasion, he declared, “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run! ... We [Americans] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.”

Millions of Americans were shocked to hear such vituperative rage and unrestrained anti-American hatred. They need not have been surprised. Rev. Wright’s passionate disdain for his country, and his belief that black Americans are still singled out for persecution, is entirely in keeping with the political philosophy that underpins his religious views: Black Liberation Theology...."

It’s tempting to see figures like ... Wright as fringe actors with no constituency in the wider black community....

Black Liberation Theology ... cannot be dismissed as a minority view. Americans are thus left with the troubling knowledge that millions of their fellow citizens consider them to be “devils,” having been taught to think this way by their religious leaders. They must wonder, too, why they should entrust the presidency to a man who has surrounded himself with those who actively despise the very country he seeks to lead."


Millions of Americans are likely to have some problems with the Wright stuff, including one of his backers right here, at the old Dr. Biowordsmith's place.

John of the Dead said...

Wow, that's certainly apropos of nothing. Are you physically incapable of an on-topic comment? Or was this supposed to be in a different thread? I'm still waiting on your response, by the way.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Yeah, that was pretty weird.

BTW, Prof Fouglas, millions of people have problems with President Bush and his supporters. Yet you ignore them all the same. Huh. I wonder why.