Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Judging the Mo

Momentum. Who's got it. Who's lost it. It's all the talk. And I decided, why the hell not. If momentum is the all-important thing the media's talking about in judging the Democratic nomination, perhaps that's the metric by which I should judge my own life.

Sure, the events in my life certainly appear to be a series of relatively unrelated events which have no bearing on each other, but perhaps that's just a fantasy. I mean, if the results of an election in one state has a different outcome from that in an entirely different state with entirely different demographics, yet is considered to be a momentum-accruing event; maybe all the random events in my life also are momentum-dependent events.

And why the hell not? Sure, it seems that everything in my life is pretty good, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's not enough to judge the final outcome. I mean, it's fairly obvious that Obama's going to win the nomination, yet that doesn't stop pundits from announcing that Obama lacks momentum for losing in a state that didn't favor him demographically. So perhaps it's not enough that I'm content with my life. Perhaps it'd make more sense if I checked my daily shifts in momentum instead.

So if I get a good deal on shrimp at the grocery store, I'd mark that down as having positive momentum; but if I get cut-off in traffic, it'd show that the mo had shifted against me. This should be fun.

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