Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama Ads

As an anecdotal kind of thing, I wanted to mention that I started seeing Obama TV ads and hearing Obama radio ads here in Texas last week, and have yet to see or hear anything from Hillary. And they're pretty good ads too, the kind of thing that really could convince people. Nothing negative at all, and hitting all the right notes. If a positive political ad could work, these are the ones that could work.

I don't even watch TV or listen to the radio that much, so the fact that I've gotten almost one of these a day really says something. And again, I've seen nothing from Hillary at all. That's not to say she's not advertising, but she's not advertising anywhere I've seen. Money, money, money, money. I'm not sure why Hillary's people thought they could hold onto Texas and Ohio, but I've always doubted it. I'm guessing they were just kind of hoping he'd implode before March 4, though I suspect they never really understood the dynamics of this race to begin with.

Hillary was only the best option unless a serious challenger came along and collected the undecideds. This post from DK at TPM shows that, while Hillary's numbers only went down four points since January, Obama's went up by twenty-seven; making him go from a fifteen point deficit to a sixteen point lead. That just about says it all. As I've said before, this race was just Hillary v. Not Hillary, and it looks like Obama was a pretty damn effective Not Hillary. That's not to say this was an anti-Hillary vote; simply that Hillary's numbers were always limited to about 40% of Democrats and that the other 60% preferred someone else. And it looks like most of them have now chosen Obama.

Oh, and I just got an email from my first choice Senator Dodd telling me he endorsed Obama. Awesome. I love it when this stuff comes together.

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John of the Dead said...

Hey, Doc, for what it's worth, here's some more anecdotal stuff from Texas. I'm up in the DFW area, and I've seen both Obama and Clinton ads around here. I've seen Obama's on the Discovery Channel, and Clinton's there and on the local Fox affiliate. Obama's showed up about a week before Clinton's. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, so if I'm seeing them, they must be in fairly heavy rotation. So there you go.