Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain the Savior

Over at Carpetbagger's some dude named "Obama guy" wrote a comment saying that Obama was "our savior" and that we must "rally around Obama and Michelle and empower them to create the change we need in evil, racist america," as well as suggesting that "Barack will treaty with our muslim brothers and apologize for an arrogant america." I personally found that a bit odd, as I've heard that Obama supporters are generally well educated, while this person had weird grammar and syntax that was suggestive of some sort of mental disorder. But I guess his appeal is sprending, even to the brain damaged.

Well my very distant cousin McCain Biobrain saw that and got very angry (as MB is prone to do when he's drunk) and insisted that I post his reply here:

Obama guy is totally wrong. McCain is the savior. He looks like the old guy from Reservoir Dogs and smells like my dead grandfather. He can take all sides of any issue while convincing his admirers that he really only supports their position. And best of all, he’s less sure of his own talking points than the people asking him questions, but doesn’t mind inventing whatever he needs to fill in the blanks. And did I mention his temper? Very manly. There will be no apologies to Muslims from this man, not unless it’s a talk radio host making the slur on his behalf; to which he’ll embarrass the guy and apologize for everything. But we needn’t worry about that, as he’ll be firebombing them at the time.

John McCain: Like a president, but crankier.

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