Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barack the Lover

This is another in my series of glorious posts that I wrote while commenting at other blogs which really needed to be told to you guys; an idea I explained here. As mentioned before, these are the kind of posts I write when I write quickly. This is in reference to a commenter at Carpetbagger's who suggested that Obama's nice guy routine might get him his ass kicked in the general election.

I don’t think so. First off, Hillary tried to go aggressive on him, and it bit her in the face. And that’s because he’s built a niceguy reputation that allows him to make the occassional jab without looking negative. And that kind of thing is actually much more powerful than the all-out assault that the GOP does. When you attack everything your opponent does, people stop listening. Even the wingnuts don’t even listen to themselves when they repeat the slurs. It’s the same kind of thing the Bushies have done with scandals: There have been so many scandals over the past seven years that they all blur together and you forget all the old ones. And so if McCain tries to play with Obama, he’s going to end up getting his nose bloody before you know it.

But beyond that, McCain isn’t allowed to make any attacks. Bush never did. Bush always went out of his way to praise his opponent, while his thugs tried to cut him off at the knees. And neither Obama or Hillary willl be able to make direct attacks either, and so it’s not a handicap if Obama can’t directly be rough. All the really matters is if you can get your message out for people to listen to, and Barack can do that. Heck, as long as he keeps making good speeches with nice soundbites, the media will be glad to play it. That was one of the big problems for Gore and Kerry, because they weren’t great speakers. But news ratings will go up when Barack speaks, and even local news will be glad to have real news that is also interesting.

And that’s how Barack will handle this. We don’t need a fighter, we need a lover. And people LOOOVE Barack. The wingnuts will naturally go apeshit, but nobody ever listens to them anyway

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