Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Liberal Internets v. The Hive

Here is yet another in my series of glorious posts that I wrote while commenting at other blogs which really needed to be told to you guys; an idea I explained here. This time, I was explaining why conservatives will never be able to use the internet as well as liberals do.

The main problem is that conservatives are top-down people and liberals are bottom-up people. They take orders from above, with the RNC elders giving marching orders to Limbaugh, Fox News, etc.; and then letting them trickle down from there to RedState and below. And so it’s impossible to empower the riff-raff bloggers to do anything on their own. That’s why their “grass-roots” organizations are all astro-turf and why they can never really have a MoveOn. Not only do they not want to empower these people, but the people themselves don’t know how to do it. Centralized idea distribution like talk radio and Fox News makes sense for them, because it helps distribute the same ideas to jerks all over the country.

Liberals, on the other hand, clearly have no one to turn to but ourselves. We turned to blogs because we weren’t being represented anywhere and don’t need to wait for our orders from anyone. Talk radio and television are no good because they don’t really let us talk back; which is exactly what we want to do. Blogs let us talk back. While conservatives use blogs as a means to ignore the MSM, liberals use it as their only way to talk about what’s in the MSM. We don’t need a centralized mind telling us what to do. We just need a way to talk to each other.

For conservatives, they see how well we’ve used the net and think they can just shift their Limbaugh/Fox focused energies to that, but it’s impossible. It’s not just that the internet is better at this stuff; it’s that the advantages it gives liberals just doesn’t apply to conservatives. The internet gives liberals the ability to form a hive-mind which can work together to solve problems. Conservatives were already born that way, so the internet could do nothing but divide the hive. And more likely, all it does is give them an echo chamber to help them reinforce what the leaders tell them. And it will never be more than that for them. Conservativism could not exist if these people were allowed to think for themselves, as the delusion only holds up if they all see the same fantasy world.

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