Friday, May 25, 2007

MSM Obstructionism

WTF?? My brain has yet again exploded, having read this in an opening paragraph from the AP:
For years, the idea of increasing the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour has been stalled by partisan bickering between Republicans and Democrats.

Um, no. The minimum wage increase was not stalled by partisan bickering. It was stalled by the Republicans and only the Republicans. The Democrats wanted to raise it and the Republicans stopped that from happening. It’s that simple. I know that the Republicans’ stalling tactics often took the guise of partisan bickering, but this is just stupid.

But this isn’t even the typical case of reporters trying to seem even-handed. Sure, there’s probably some of that at play here, but I think there’s more to this than that. I think this is the MSM’s love of blaming “partisan bickering” for all the problems. If only the two sides could just get along and solve all our problems together.

But no. In this case, the legislation was stalled solely because the Republicans wanted it stalled. Sure, they came up with their excuses. But it wasn’t that the bill wasn’t perfect enough for them. It was that it did anything at all. They just wanted a obstructionist poison-pill and that’s what they got for years.

And hell, if the MSM really wanted this issue to be solved, they’d stop with this incessant attack on “partisan bickering” and actually tell people who was to blame for the problem. But that’s just the point: They don’t actually want anything solved. They just want to blame "partisans" for our problems, in order to convince themselves of their own unbiased holiness. To make their laissez-faire cynicism appear to be solution-oriented and objective. So for as much as they attack "partisans" of all stripes for obstructing our legislative needs, much of the blame lies with no one but themselves.

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