Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Similar to Rape

I'm sure you've seen this by now:
Getting Pregnant From Rape Is ‘Similar’ To Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock

Sadly, what he was trying to say was that he could understand why someone might contemplate an abortion, but cognitive dissonance wouldn't allow him to think he was talking about the same damn decision everyone else is making when they contemplate abortion. And that's why he raised his personal situation to that of the rape situation, because he can only imagine that the imperative is the same.

And obviously, he really *does* think there are times one might consider having an abortion. I mean, he referred to it as his daughter's choice and clearly implied he would have allowed her to make that choice, even if he didn't approve. And his whole point is that he could understand how someone might contemplate that decision, in special circumstances like his own.  And that, of course, is the pro-choice position; which is why people like him are forced to redefine the debate so that pro-choice means pro-abortion; while inventing special exceptions that allow them to break the rules.

But again, there was nothing particularly special about him not wanting his daughter to have a child out of wedlock. It's not just wicked prostitutes and partying sluts who have abortions. It's people's daughters. If that was better understood, we wouldn't be having this debate right now.

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