Monday, August 13, 2012

Crazy White Guy With Charts for President

Romney fucked up. That's all there is to it. Should have gone with boring white guy, not a wild eyed snoremonger like Ryan. It's like he's getting the worst of both worlds: A boring policy wonk who advocates radical policies that scare old white people.

And so this strongly suggests Mitt still thinks he can win it, or he wouldn't have gone with such a risky pick; but how does Ryan help him with that? Because first off, a guy like Ryan is in it for Ryan, and he'll be perfectly happy to hurl Mitt under the bus when the time is right. And Mitt's been such a bubble boy his whole life that he probably won't even see it coming or know what happened after it's over. I'd be amazed if Ryan's not setting him up for this right now. From now on, this election is really about Paul Ryan in 2016. Bank on it.

And sure, this makes the far right political junkies happy, but what about Joe Sixpack? This won't hurt Romney with NASCAR style conservatives, but it doesn't really score points at all. And that's who Romney needs to connect with, not Rush Limbaugh or the dorks at Redstate. For Romney to have a chance, he needs strong rural turnout in places like Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. I don't see how Ryan helps him in those places. And if he's not helping there, then he's only a liability.

He should have gone with Pawlenty, who looks enough like Romney that Mitt could just hang out on his private island and hope TPaw is better at campaigning than Mitt is. I doubt Tim's got anything better to do with himself.

Instead, Romney went with a radical Master of Charts, and thus lost control of his entire campaign. And even if he somehow wins, he'll always be Ryan's figurehead boss. But Ryan would be better off for Mitt to lose with grace than to win it all. Mitt once again shows his lack of human nature by not identifying this obvious threat.

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