Thursday, August 23, 2012

D-Bags Defending D-Bags

Over on Facebook, I saw a friend's post about the girl who exposed the guys who assaulted her at a party after a judge sealed their names because of their age.  And on cue, some d-bag shows up to remind us, yet again, that some accusations of rape are false.  As if there's someone who doesn't know this.

And they act as if they're just trying to give fairtime to a legitimate issue, when their real intent is to be a d-bag and imply that all rape victims might be liars and reminding us that the rapists might be the victims.  And yeah, that's true.  But we already know that and don't need to debate that issue every single fucking time the issue of rape comes up.

Below is my response to the guy.  Hope you like it.  It's all you're getting.

Here's the thing, Tom. You've got a point. It really is wrong when someone falsely accuses someone else of something, particularly something as bad as rape. That sort of thing can destroy someone's life forever. And it's not just the accused who suffers, but once the false accusation is uncovered, it makes all the true victims look suspect; even though they vastly outnumber the few false accusations.

And here's the thing: That's what you're doing right now. By making a point of focusing on the very few false accusations, you're essentially besmirching the integrity of all the real victims and implying that their accusations might also be false. That's the point of what you're doing, whether you intend it or not. The false accusation meme has spread so that every time someone talks about rape, someone like you comes along and reminds us that some of the victims aren't real victims.

Because yeah, there are a few false accusations of rape. But no, it's not happening every day. In fact, it's so rare that it's news the few times that it happens. But rapes really DO happen all the time. And what you're doing is the equivalent of someone who won't stop talking about plane crashes every time they hear people talk about flying. Because yeah, planes do crash, but it's such a side-issue of flying that if that's all you can talk about, then you're a nutjob who clearly has issues. Same thing here. Yeah, we get it. There are a few false accusations of rape. Now can we get back to the discussion at hand, or do you need more time to remind us that the victims might be lying?

And that's the thing: We all *know* there are false accusations of rape. No one denies that and no one thinks it's a good thing. So...what other point is there of bringing it up, but to do the d-bag thing of making victims look guilty? Because that's what you're doing, whether you intend to or not. And if that's not what you were intending to do, then you should count this as a lesson learned and stop acting like a d-bag. But in case it's not clear enough: We all know that there are false accusations. So if that was your point, you can rest assured that we've heard it all before and don't require yet another debate on the subject.

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