Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Michael Bay and Ninja Turtles

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This is something I wrote after a friend posted a link to this review of the script for Michael Bay Ninja Turtles that will now apparently never see the light of day.  If the review is any indication, we should all be grateful for that.  Anyway, here's what I wrote.  Enjoy!

I actually liked the first Transformers movie, at least until the last half hour where you couldn't even see what the hell was going on. But even then, it's because it was liberally borrowing material from much better movies, particularly Independence Day.

But as long as it was a light comedy about a high school dork scoring the hottie with the help of a group of lumbering robot aliens, it worked. It was really more like a parody of a Transformers movie, looking at the humorous side of what it'd be like if these giant robots really did get involved with humans. But as soon as they really wanted us to take it seriously as computer images battled it out on the screen, the whole film took a nosedive. That's why I never saw the other two, because it just sounded like they started up where the first left off and forgot they were making a comedy.

And all the same, as much as that kinda worked with Transformers, you can't do that with every movie. With giant transforming robots, it was funny. Ninja Turtles, on the other hand, are already too easily scoffed at, so they need to go especially hard to make them badassses right off the bat. Ninja Turtles as bumbling supporting characters and plot devices doesn't work at all. They need to be the main focus, or not be there at all.

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