Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Discussion Questions

Sunday morning is the perfect time to contemplate why God did this to you. Discuss.

Christians gave us Sundays. Unions gave us Saturdays. Discuss.

Do you believe that God will punish Newt Gingrich the way he deserves to be punished? Why or why not?

Bonus Material:
God's purpose for Earth: Test of Morality, Test of Faith, or just screwing around.

Name three things God did wrong. Give specifics.


Onyx said...

No one could punish Newt as much as he deserves.

God's purpose for earth: The same purpose people have in playing Sim City or the Sims. Entertainment.

God's mistakes: First of all, he created us as we are. His second mistake was Noah's ark. He had a chance to correct his first mistake and blew it by not letting us all die. His third, and continuing mistake, is not correcting his first two mistakes. I guess it would be a mistake of pride. Rather than admiting he screwed up and correcting his mistake, he blames us for his mistake and expects us to live up to unreal expectations instead of conforming his expectations to the reality he created.

I think God may be a Libertarian, which would be a bonus fourth mistake.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Sorry Onyx, but the reason God allowed people to survive as they did was so that I would be created and could live the life I live. I'd apologize for all the suffering this has caused, but I regret nothing.