Saturday, July 04, 2009

Quote of the Day

Former McCain campaign advisor John Weaver, in regards to Palin's resignation, following embarrassing scandals by GOP presidential hopefuls Senator Ensign and Governor Sanford:
"The way we are going, if you are the Junior Jaycees president in Memphis you
could be in line for the nomination."

Funny, cause it's true. But of course,let's not forget the real joke: This is how they ended up with Palin in the first place. After Bush, the Republican bench was so lightweight that a half-term governor of an isolated state was the biggest "star" they had. But hey, she also received a whopping 909 votes to win a landslide victory for her second term as Mayor, and there aren't a lot of Junior Jaycees who can say that. After that, two years as governor of Alaska was merely icing on the presidential cake.

Seriously though, this is a big reason why worries of Republican dynasty were always greatly exaggerated. After George W, there just wasn't anyone the base would love who could be trusted by the establishment. And with the Bush name in shambles, I'm not sure if that'll happen again any time soon. And while McCain tried to thread the needle by having a running mate the base could love, even that wasn't good enough for the sensible establishment-types running the party. The Republican base absolutely refuses to allow sense to have anything to do with their party, and I support them in that entirely.

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ex DLB said...

Maybe Letterman had it right. Anyway, if there is a scandal she's stepping down over, it's gotta be a doozy after everything else. Maybe she just had scandal fatigue.