Friday, July 10, 2009

The Interrogation of Victoria

You'd be stupid if you didn't read my Nihilist Action Alert for the capture of Victoria Jackson. And you'd be even stupider if you didn't read my follow-up, in which I discuss the capture and interrogation of Victoria Jackson. It would be a big mistake to miss this.

And if you didn't already, be sure to re-read my piece on Obama Independence Day, though I'm sure it's not necessary, as all of you were there at the time. It was definitely a very "happy" Obama Day, indeed.

And finally, you won't want to miss my double pieces on homosexuality: The Myth of Homosexuality and The Gaying of RedState. There will be three quizzes on this topic tomorrow night, so please take notes.

And the dumbest thing you could do would be to not follow my wonderful Twitter feed. Read my twits.

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