Thursday, July 02, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Anyone who sees health insurance as a privilege is a moron.

I don't even like getting sick with insurance. Being without it, illness wasn't an option.


Mike Goldman said...

It's not only health care (insurance is not needed) but food, shelter and other necessities of life, without which the notion that we have any right to life at all is discarded.

Doctor Biobrain said...

But Mike, fiscal conservatives have given up on the "Social Darwinism" argument and now admit that even sucky lazy people who don't deserve to live shouldn't be starved to death. Not that they've given up on the idea of Social Darwinism, or support any policy which actually takes care of these sucky lazy people who don't deserve to live; but they've learned that "Social Darwinism" is a loser rhetorically that hurts them in debates. So you're no longer allowed to suggest that they support such policies, even though they do.

And yes, I was in a debate like this recently, in which the conservatives I was debating were promoting Social Darwinism, while insisting that I was attacking a strawman, because they didn't support Social Darwinism anymore. Words are meaningless to these people. Just as other humans are meaningless to them.

Mike Goldman said...

It's a kind of autism or mental disability, isn't it?