Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RedState Brain Food is No Brainer

As a member in good standing at RedState, I recently received the following email:
Conservative, Good news activists. The RedState Army now has a daily newsletter. It’s called the RedState Morning Briefing. Morning Briefing is where ideas are born, it’s grassroots, it’s to the point -- this is brain food straight from the RedState Headquarters delivered directly to your inbox. Try it for a week. It’s free. This one is a no brainer.

And I was so intrigued that I signed up. Now, I can get pointy grassroots ideas right where they're born. Brain food. Straight to my brain. It's a no-brainer and free, no less. I was afraid I'd have to pay $19.95 or more, but no. I can ideas right where they're born, for free. I can't wait. They had me at Conservative.

1 comment:

Mike Goldman said...

No brainer brain food? What's that?

Is that like meatless meat?