Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nihilists of the Day: Climate "Experts"

I've got yet another Nihilist of the Day post up at American Nihilist.  You won't want to miss it.  And don't forget to check out my Report from Obama Youth Rally & Nihilist Hate Expo.  You will be quizzed on it during your daily hypnihilist education session later tonight.  Be prepared.

The smartest move secular nihilists ever made was their outright embrace of "science" as a weapon to destroy religion and defeat Yahweh. Not only has it provided us intellectual cover to hide our anti-religious bigotry, by providing unrefutable explanations for the origins of the universe, but it also gives us mucho political power to control the lives of people who traditionally embrace freedom. And in that regard, I'm giving a big Nihilist of the Day award to Global Warming Scientists.

This is based upon an article titled Climate Change Even Worse Than Predicted: Experts. And the headline says it all right there. The global warming scaremongering was already fearsome enough to help us get a hedonistic non-citizen communist into the Whitehouse. Any normal group of villains would have been content with that. But no, our "experts" took it further. We won the election. Now the real fun starts: The Destruction of the American Economy.

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