Friday, February 27, 2009

More Nihilism for the Masses

I've got two more posts up at American Nihilists. The first has an excerpt below and it explains why actions by Dick Cheney, Bill O'Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh which at first appear to be nihilistic are, in fact, not nihilistic. And then I've got one about the veiled threat that the Obama Administration made against Rick Santelli. Good stuff.

An Excerpt:
Firstly, Dick Cheney only "supports" his lesbian daughter because he knows that lesbianism is a choice and that Mary's just going through a rebellious phase, typical of girls in their late 30's; and not dissimilar to the phase Lynn Cheney briefly went through when she wrote her lesbian novel. So Dick's just applying some old fashioned conservative tough love, vis-a-vis reverse-psychology, to lure Mary back to sanity by pretending to support her repugnant life choice. And by doing so, he is lulling the gay agendaists into a false sense of security by allowing them to imagine that he's not trying to defeat them. They will definitely regret that mistake.

Beyond that, it should be known that Mary Cheney's lesbianism is of the "hot" variety, which is considered a turn-on in normal hetero society; and not in the militant feminist vein of scary lesbians who sweat like men and don't shave. And so it's perfectly natural for Dick Cheney to pretend to accept this sort of healthy lesbianism, because it's so widely discussed during football parties by men who drink beer.

As we all know, lesbianism is only bad if it's meant to exclude men from the reproductive process, which is an abomination to God and nature. That's why nihilists only support the dirty form of lesbianism, because it's gross and destroys the American family. And as we discovered, so-called "hot" lesbians only encourage procreation in men, or so the test subjects we interviewed told us. We will be addressing the issue of pro-family lesbianism and how to stop it at our nihilist summit in Kenya this spring.

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