Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nihilist of the Day: Barney Frank

Ok, I confess.  I enjoy writing nihilist posts more than the ones at this blog.  So here's another Nihilist of the Day post, written for American Nihilist.

Here's the Excerpt:
Barney Frank is a homosexual. The sheer depravity of his man-lust alone is enough to ensure his place in the lower rings of the nihilist pit of hate, alongside other great rejectionist leaders like Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Willie Horton, and JFK Jr. But even better, Frank is a loud-mouthed liberal congressman, which means he has no qualms about publicly undermining objective truths on a daily basis; and that's what makes Congressman Barney Frank our Nihilist of the Day.

Here's a clip of Frank espousing such nihilism on Meet the Press, which is always a friendly haven for denialist rejectionist liberals like Frank:

Notice how Frank wasn't attacked for being a homo. His deviant perversions weren't even mentioned once!! Yet, what true American doesn't immediately think of sweaty man-on-man fornication when they look at Frank? Why else would conservatives mention it every time they talk about him? They're practically obsessed with Frank's sexuality and can barely contain their disgust whenever they make jokes about his torrid sex life; which could only be Frank's fault for being such a a filthy sinner as to have sex with...other men.

Yet, Frank's lifestyle choice wasn't even discussed on MTP. This is clear proof of the media's postmodern subjectivist biases. Not only did the host not mention Frank's irrational penchant for smoking manmeat or the secret sex brothel being run out of his house, but even his upstanding Republican foes were clearly forbidden from using this obvious mental defect to undermine Frank's anti-American lie-mongering. Their best weapon, and they couldn't even use it.

This tells me only one thing: We've properly laid the groundwork for our bestiality candidates to enter Congress and do their damage. And with any luck, I should be able to marry my beloved falcon before the next presidential election. That's progress, people. And hey, once we get gay marriage, beast marriage, man-boy marriage, and forced male prostitution, maybe we'll finally be in a position to get something truly vile legalized, like smoking marijuana...in our own living rooms. That'd be true blow against freedom in America.

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Anonymous said...

Good lord! Smoking marijuana! That's so unnatural! If God had meant for marijuana to be smoked, he'd have made it flammable when it's dried and cured!