Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McCain Rules of Knowledge

John McCain has inspired me. I just read about how McCain has taken a "Never Done" situation and turned it into a "Has Accomplished Repeatedly" simply by claiming that it's true. And that's just awesome. Once upon a time, people needed to have actually done something before they could claim that they can do it again. But no more. Now it's enough to say that you know how to win wars, even if the only war you were personally involved in is considered to be a embarrassing failure and you spent most of it as a POW being tortured.

And sure, he never actually says that he knows this from experience, but that generally is the way that people feel confident in claiming that they know how to do something; you know, because they actually have done it. But the Rules of McCain now say otherwise. You can now claim to know how to do something based entirely on your desire for it to be true. And so that's why I've decided to get into the Space Race. Sure, I've never actually been in space or have any direct knowledge as to how it really works, but...I know how to win the space race and that's all that matters.

And so I'm hoping to get your support on this, financially speaking. Just a back of the envelope guesstimate shows that I need about one trillion dollars to get started on this, and for that I'm counting on you, my loyal readers. And sure, I sort of doubt you've ever raised that kind of dough before, but now that I'm writing that you know how to do it, the rest should come easy. After all, it's not necessary to actually do things, just as long as you say you can do it. And who knows, maybe it's actually true. That'd be great.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a trillion dollars, but it looks like your post could use a comment. Just to get the ball rolling.
Good luck in space.