Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gravel for President

Woweewow, I don't know much about Former Senator Mike Gravel, but I know what I like. I just saw a clip of him at a recent Democratic Presidential debate, and from what I heard, he's the guy for me. And I'm fairly certain that the only reason this guy is scoffed at is because the media and DC establishment are convinced that he should be scoffed at. But his stuff was pretty solid. I'd need to learn more about him before I'd officially endorse him for president, but he clearly looked better than any of the other leading contenders. I don't think I disagreed with a word he said.

My favorite line: You know what's worse than a soldier dying in vain? Is more soldiers dying in vain.

That's absolutely correct.

Here's the clip I'm talking about:

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A said...

Gravel filibustered the draft for five months, by himself.

Anonymous said...

Hell, no intelligent post
possible in nine words or