Friday, October 27, 2006

Media Limbaugh Listeners

Has anyone done a survey of media-types to see how many of them listen to Rush Limbaugh, at least occasionally?  Hell, I’d be happy if they listened to him for research purposes, but I’m mainly referring to them as listener-listeners.  I betcha it’d be a lot higher than people suspect.  And I betcha they see him as a standard rightwing guy who knows what he’s talking about, rather than the hate-filled blowhard he really is.  And that they really do think he raises good points that the left just isn’t addressing.  

Wouldn’t that really explain so much about modern politics?  And if nothing else, putting them on the spot and making them lie about it would likely go far to get them to be ashamed of what they’re doing.  Does anyone know of such questioning?

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